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Sunny Tangas

My greatest hobby and passion is working with others, helping with spiritual growth in their lives. A passion which has existed for

As a young girl I was often frightened by visions, dream like visions, that came to me regarding futuristic events . When I walked down the country roads large lights would follow along side me approximately twenty feet to my left. These physic events would often frighten me,
at that time, as I did not have an understanding of the Metaphysical world.

Over time I have learned much of  supernatural phenomenon. I have embraced it, loved it, worked with it and it has now become my passion.

Through decades of prayer and meditation I have met and created a good relationship with the Ancient Ones.

When I decided, with the help of family and friends to build the Metaphysical Dictionary the Ancient Ones were essential , critical and helpful.

Metaphysics has been a great part of my life with a strong belief on life after life.


Comments on: "Sunny Tangas" (2)

  1. Janet willer said:

    Hey Sunny, good to see you online, waiting for your new dictionary. janet

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